New media refers to the four traditional media of newspapers, radio, television, and outdoor, based on digital information technology, characterized by interactive communication, and innovative media forms, such as digital media, mobile media, the Internet, digital interactive media, etc.  It is vividly called the “Fifth Media”.  The immediacy of the generation and dissemination of new media information has further made “everyone holding a microphone, everyone can be followed, and published anytime, anywhere” a reality. The US “Wired” magazine called it “everyone to all  The spread of people”.  While the emergence of new media has brought revolutionary impact to traditional media, it is also subtly changing people’s ideas and even lifestyles.  New media is vividly referred to as “5A” media (Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Media, Any Information) due to its strong timeliness, fast spreading speed, and wide range of influence, which means that anyone can use the new media in any  Time, any place, and any form of media information conveying any information. Its appearance flattens the expression of will, infinite time and space transmission, virtualized identity recognition, multiple communication paths, equalized interactions, and diversified social values.  

PLN can improve my own benefits in many ways.

First, you can broaden your horizons.  Going online can keep abreast of current affairs and news, get all kinds of latest knowledge and information, and have a good guiding effect on future study and life.  Going online can enrich your mind, and you can learn a lot of knowledge that you can’t learn in school as long as you pay attention, and expand your knowledge.  With a click of the mouse, you will have a panoramic view of the world.

 Second, it can communicate with other countries.  One of the frequently mentioned shortcomings of students is their lack of confidence, and they dare not talk and communicate with the outside world.  Now that they have the Internet, they can completely overcome this psychological obstacle and broaden their horizons in the process of external communication.  The Internet provides a convenient channel for the exchange of educational resources. Not only teachers but also students can log in to various educational websites through the Internet to obtain learning information.

 Third, it can promote the individual development of young people.  Eliminate psychological barriers, you can confide your thoughts to netizens without scruples, and reduce the psychological pressure caused by the burden of schoolwork; you can post your views and opinions on various issues in various BBSs, one can practice writing, and second, feel very successful  Feeling; you can improve your level of a certain hobby; do-it-yourself homepage is becoming fashionable, upload your favorite pictures, open a discussion area, post some posts, communicate with everyone, and master the use of computer software  At the same time, the feeling of being a moderator by myself is really great, which helps to build confidence in learning. 

Finally, you can grasp the latest educational developments.  Middle school students, especially high school students, can use the Internet to learn about the latest education trends, because the college entrance examination in recent years is still under reform and exploration, and many new measures are introduced almost every year.  However, many students usually don’t care much about news on TV and newspapers, and just blindly immerse themselves in the book. Therefore, they can check education-related news from the Internet to adjust the review focus and adapt to the new measures for the college entrance examination.